Contractors FAQ

How does it work?

Be approved to download the Provider app and Dial a Style will set you up with an account. When you are set up you will receive jobs that fit under your capabilities and you accept the ones you wish to provide, go the clients location, consult the client, provide the service and then complete payments and go to your next job.

What if there are technical difficulties?

You will have phone support from Wella, Pure Lattouf and all suppliers

No start up cost,

There is no joining fee, though depending on your position you may need to buy some equipment and products to do the services.

How many days do I have to work?

You can work as many days as you like, you choose your own hours

Do I need my own car?

Yes this is a requirement; you must have your own car that is in good condition.

Do I have to use the same products?

Yes, we do require you to use the same products as Dial a Style has provided you with incredible discounts for these products that you will not find anywhere else, and we would like clients to see consistency between all Dial a Style contractors.

What happens if I need to take a day off?

You choose your own hours

Who pays for what?

Dial a Style pays for all the marketing provided for contractors, although as you are a contractor you will be paying for your own products, equipment, transportation, and app fees.

How do I get clients?

Dial a Style/ Barbers on Bikes will supply clients to contractors through the app, based off their availability.

How much money can I make?

As much as you like, depending on your hours and Capabilities.

Is there any support for technology?

Yes, we have an I.T company Macquarie IT that has developed the app and will continue to update and fix any issues

How do I get my money?

Payments will be sent to DAS/BOB headquarters then 100% payment for the services will be sent to you every 2 weeks

How long do I have to sign up for?

The minimum contract is 12 months.

Can a client request me?

Yes they can, by using either your name or ID number.

How far do I need to travel?

Bookings will only be sent from a radius of 25Km from you